Chronicle Books - My publisher was super to work with. Enthusiastic and helpful during the whole process. Just the best!

Haley Ballard Photography - Based in London and New York, fashion and portrait photographer Haley Ballard shot my promotional author photos. 

Unadulterated - A grownup's guide to children's books. Librarian Paula Willey understands that kids love to read when they are provided smart, good material. Additionally, the writing is fun and wickedly clever, with enough obscure pop-culture references you'll definitely have multiple browser tabs open.

Puzzle Prime Mazes - If you've run all my mazes and are looking for some more, check out this collection on Puzzle Prime!

Waterside Candle - Hand poured, small batches. Order some to make your space special.

Ocean Quigley's Projects - Former creative director at Maxis/EA for Spore and Sim City. These games were a huge influence on me!  Follow what he's up to now. He also paints like a boss.

Victoria Hunter McKenzie - Paints New York City scenes on subway Metro Cards. How cool is that?

SingleFare - My post about painting Metro Cards for the New York Academy of Art SingleFare4 exhibit and fundraiser. Includes links to art I discovered and may be the new, proud owner of!

Verabee - Vera Brosgol is a dream illustrator. Everything thing she does is magic.

Meg Hunt - One of my favorite Threadless designers. She also has a book published by Chronicle!

My Pintrest - Lots of people draw, paint, photograph, or construct buildings. I pin the good stuff.

My Spoonflower - So you can make maze themed pillows or aprons or baby blankets! Send me photos of what you create!


PODCASTS - Everyone has favorites.  These are mine.

Imaginary Worlds - Great interviews and thoughtful commentary on SciFi, fantasy, comics, and movies. Eric Molinsky knows his stuff, is earnest in his passions, and is eager to expand his horizons. And he sketches on the subway, too!

99% Invisible - "Always read the plaque"  How design impacts our lives and design is in everything. Best episodes to start? 154: PDX Carpet, 83: Heyoon, 192: Pagodas and Dragon Gates

Planet Money - You can hide under the covers, or you can enjoy this podcast that explains how the world works.

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